AcuSewer Digester

The special bacterial strains in Acutrade AcuSewer Digester are engineered to be thousands of times more intense and active targeting specifics in the wastewater.

Odour Digester

Highly concentrated perfumed bacteria based product that cures and eliminates odour causing pathogens. Leaving your sewerage area smelling clean and fresh.

AcuPond Digester

AcuPond Digester is specifically formulated for stagnent water ponds and adds oxygen into the water and eliminates algae causing pathogens enhancing fish life and reducing mortality.

Septic Digester

Septic Digester is for the treatment of Septic Tanks, Soak aways, long drops and Pit Toilets. This product not only breaks down the organic solids but also eliminates the odours caused html site software