Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer containing no less than 70% Propyl Alcohol, added moisturiser and Aqua

Organic Hand Sanitizer

OrganiSan H Hand Sanitizer is a C4L Technology non-alcohol-based hand Sanitizer consisting of a carefully formulated flavanoids and CERES certified organic compliant processes.

Acuwipes Durachem Multipurpose Disinfectant Wipes

AcuWipes Dura Chem Multipurpose Disinfectant Wipes for surfaces as well trolleys and hands is also SGS and EN1276 approved and contains benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient

Organic Surface Sanitizer

Organic Fresh General Sanitizer is a C4L Technology based Sanitizer consisting of a carefully formulated flavonoids and extracts against viruses.

Misting Sanitizing Tunnel

3 Ply civil disposable surgical masks come in boxes of 50 and are manufactured with a CE certificate to the required specification.

Rewashable Masks

Acutrade 3 ply Rewashable masks are made from the highest quality material and is also customisable to suite your brand or company logo by screen print or embroidery

Surface Sanitizer

Introducing the AOP KF95 Chlorine Dioxide embedded mask that kills bacteria and viruses in your lungs stopping lung infections. The N99 Nask kills bacteria and viruses on contact

Organic Mask Sanitizer

OrganiSan M is a C4L Technology based Mask Sanitizer. This product stays active for 72hrs post application to your mask and inhibits the virus to prevent cross contamination.

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