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Millions of years ago Nature itself had already solved the problem of how to keep the Earth clean, naturally. By using enzyme producing bacteria, virtually any dirt build up of Fats, Oils, Greases, Proteins, Starches, Hydrocarbons and odours, can be remidiated and eradicated quicker and more effectively by adding specific starins of bacteria to digest and biodegrade the cause opposed to merely masking the problem. These problems are permanently digested and biodegrded into carbon dioxide, water and biomass!


Pathogens and their detrimental effects in the poultry environment is well documented. They are extremely dangerous, and very difficult as well as costly to control. They naturally develop resistance and immunity to substances that harm or kill them, in other words harsh chemicals, disinfectants, sanitizers and antibiotics. They build up an immunity and resistance over time and become harder to kill. In this vicious unstoppable cycle extra harsh chemicals and more powerful and costly disinfectants are needed. By using specific strains of microorganisms resistance and ammunity cannot be built up by the pathogen as there is no resistance to starvation.


Currently we have specialised Covid 19 Products disinfection and sanitization products. Carefully formulated and designed specialized products for many different industries, AcuTrade has a team of world class scientists that formulate and design our products for that specific application. We have also launched our poultry industry products with great success and unbelievable results, offering the the industry odour free solutions and massive cost savings.

Ryobi Gardening

We are proud to be associated with Ryobi focussing on their cleaning equipment range. Vacuum cleaners that are backed that won't quit and are backed up with a 2 year guarantee. 

For the full range of exciting products we have to offer in this range click on the link below.